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Hello, World! I’m Kaz from Japan. I would like to tell the world about Japanese culture, foods, events and so on. Especially, Itoshima-city, Fukuoka!

I live in Itoshima-city, Fukuoka, Japan. Here is a great place to live. Unfortunately, If you love to play winter sports, it’s a little bit hard, because it’s so seldom to snow around here. If you like oysters, it’s the best season to eat here in winter.

In summer, here are many beautiful beaches, rivers and lakes, so you can enjoy water sports a lot. But the season is short, because we have 4 seasons.Through this blog, I would like to tell you guys a lot of things.

As you can see this blog title, I”t o married with Philippina. I might be able to tell you what you need to do for living in Japan. I mean it’s so complicated. You might know it’s so hard to talk with Japanese in English…

I learned a lot of things to do for that through my wife’s procedures, so if you want to know it, please message me.

Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy my blog.

Thank you!



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Hello, world!

I’m gonna start a blog in English. Hi, I’m Kaz from Japan. I’d like to tell the world about Japanese culture, foods, funny things and so on. Especially, about Itoshima area in Fukuoka prefecture. It’s Read more…

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